Friday, December 3, 2010

sMsSmJ ;)

smssmj ?
it's short form for :-
Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mohamad Jiwa
my beloved school ,
love studying there .
it's free ,
even though it's sometimes suck !
but i'm so grateful being selected to this school .
boarding school .
i entered this school on 22nd February 2010 .
with other 11 pupils .
there are 4 girls n the rest is boys .
me n Nur Syazwani Binti Sabidi was in the same dorm c15b (panglima)
Aisyah Mardhiah Binti Sayuthi n Shaza Binti Shukri was also being arranged in the same dorm 
that is c16b (temenggung)
the boys were:~
amirul amin ,
amirul ikhwan ,
aniq ,
akmal ,
syahmi haziq ,
amirul syafiq ,
farhan romli ,
n bes rens farhan .. i've forgotten his name lar .
sorry . huhu . :(
but now it just left only 10 .
2 of us have been transferred into other schools .
don't know why .
maybe they cannot fix in this school .
whatever it is , we hope they will success in whatever the do k .

*lencana sekolah 

at dataran wawasan .

sight viewing . bup :p

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